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Jethro frame and labelJethro is named after a character in the 70's TV show ”The Beverly Hillbillies”. Like the character he was a big, brawny, handsome pup but not very bright. He always managed getting stuck under the hay feeder. Fortunately his brained kicked in as he matured and has come into his own as a guardian dog.

 Jethro's very attentive and watchful. One of our goats collapsed in the pasture. Jethro ran to her side and laid down next to her, not leaving her side while I ran to the house to call the vet. He earned his gold star in guardianship that day.

Jethro's OFA hip rating: GOOD

reagan frame and labelReagan is named after former president Ronald Reagan. She's the leader and dominant one among our females. She's a great guardian, the smartest of our girls. She's very cautious, methodical, standoffish at times, but will not hesitate to charge head on towards anything she deems a threat.

Reagan is very pensive and distant with people she doesn't know but very loving and affection with those she trusts. She tends to have very large litters of 12-13 puppies and nurses and cares for each and every one without issue. She is fiercely protective of her puppies if  a stranger is near.

Reagan's OFA hip rating: GOOD

Cabella label and frameCabella spent the first six months of her life as a pet. When she grew too large for apartment life we adopted her and transitioned her into a guardian dog. Surprisingly easy transition.

Cabella's very affectionate towards her goats, licking and grooming them often, whether they need it or not. She's a very outgoing, happy, energetic dog. Cabella has the thickest coat I've ever seen on a Pyrenees.

Cabella's OFA hip rating: GOOD

Heidi framed and labeled 2Heidi's named after the song “Heidi Heidi Ho”. For some unknown reason she would just about wag her tail off when she heard me singing it, so it became her name. She showed the most amazing guardian instincts as a young pup.

Heidi's bonded like glue to her goats. Where the goats go, Heidi goes. She literally can't handle being separated from her goat friends. At just 5 months old, Heidi alerted us to a snake just beyond the pasture by running the fence line barking aggressively. She's a wonderful, sweet girl but extremely wary of strangers.

Heidi's OFA hip rating: GOOD



tonka label and frameTonka was our first Pyrenees and the reason we fell in love with the breed. He showed up one day meandering around the farm. We found his owner and returned him but Tonka ran away and came back to our farm the following day. His previous owner decided Tonka prefered our farm and gave him to us. We're so grateful he did.

Tonka's a massive, muscular dog. He patrols his kingdom often like a foot soldier in search of intruders. Tonka also helps train other dogs by pinning them down when their behavior is inappropriate. Tonka is not part of our breeding program. Because his health history is unknown and he's not registered with the AKC we had him neutered...but we love him to pieces.