Why A Mini Nubian?

Mini Nubians are a cross between a standard Nubian and a Nigerian Dwarf for the purpose of creating a quality dairy goat in a smaller size.
Standard Nubians are relatively large goats. The does stand between 30-32" tall at the withers and weigh between 130-150lbs. They produce a high quality, high butterfat, mild flavored milk, averaging a gallon or more per day. 
Nigerian Dwarf does stand between 18-21" and weigh around 60-75lbs. They also produce mild flavored yet high butterfat milk. However due to their small size, milking can be difficult and daily milk production is low, averaging less than a quart per day.
Combining the two breeds creates a smaller yet high producing dairy goat. Average milk production is 2-3 quarts daily. Smaller size equates to lower feed costs and less spacial requirements, making the mini Nubian an ideal goat for the homesteader or hobby farm.
Mini Nubians are the main focus at Lachenbock Farm. Our objective is to breed quality dairy goats with good breed character and capacious udders that are friendly and easy to handle. We strive to steadily improve those qualities as we expand our herd, while adding in new genetics from both Standard Nubian and Nigerian dwarf lines to ensure genetic diversity. 
Our kidding season usually begins in December and ends sometime in June/July. We only offer does for sale. We no longer offer wethers for sale and rarely offer breeding bucks, unless we're selling one of our registered adult breeding bucks, so If you're interested in either  let us know in advance. We also believe that not all bucks should be herd sires, very few buckling born on our farm make the final cut. We will not sell any bucks to be herd sires that we wouldn't use in our own breeding program.
Our goats are CAE, CL, Brucellosis & Johne's disease negative. All our goats and kids are well socialized with both people and livestock guardian dogs (click the Great Pyrenees tab for more info about our dogs).

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