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We have no specific due dates for any of our does this year. We were extremely busy relocating the farm so we decided to give harem breeding a try. We grouped specific does together with a particular buck in a pasture for a few months. I've no doubt we will regret this decision come spring, but we were just too busy to monitor all our does for heat cycles this fall. Kiddings will be updated within 48 hours of birth. Feel free to contact us for the status of any of our pregnant does.
Since our objective is to continue to expand our herd, we do not reserve kids or accept deposits prior to kidding. We like to take a few weeks, sometimes longer and evaluate kids to decide who will be retained....never an easy decision and it seems to get more difficult each year.
In addition, we find it poor business practice to reserve an unborn kid, allow the buyer to anticipate and plan for that kid or those genetics, only to pull the rug out from under by deciding to retain that particular kid once it's born. That practice has been done to us in the past, we found it to be very frustrating "unsportsmanlike conduct" and will not do business in that manner.  
If you're interested in adding one or more of our kids to your herd, feel free to let us know. We'll contact people in the order the request was made, after we've made our final decision.
 We leave nothing to chance...all breeding are confirmed with pregnancy tests.  If a breeding is marked "unconfirmed" we believe that goat is bred but have not yet confirmed or are awaiting results through blood testing. Also, unless a particular breeding is marked "confirmed" the selected sire may change without notice.